Pranesh Photography| Studio 31 is the Official Photography Partner for echoVME’s Digital Marketing Summit 2015!

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With our Digital Marketing Summit just 30 days away, we’re just so excited! Needless to say, things are getting busier here at echoVME! Since we’ll be too busy on the day, we wondered who will officially capture the moments and decided on Studio 31! We also interviewed the man behind Studio 31, Pranesh who also heads Pranesh Photography!

Both PP and Studio 31 were founded under its parent company, Evolvonomics Private Limited Company, which kick-started from the idea evolution + economics and have now reached new heights on a variety of projects!

Digital media played a huge role in Pranesh’s journey. Having started with zero support, he grew his customer base exponentially exclusively over digital media! Only with digital media!

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with him:

1. You have a whooping 45k fans on your Facebook page. How does it feel having come a long way?

It feels great. I am really glad that a past time / entertainment platform for more than 97% of the people I know, has made me an entrepreneur, given me a career, a national level recognition, true fans and fabulous fan turned best friends and lastly,the most important source of income for my business. I realized that life is totally uncertain and you never know what is going to happen the next moment.

2. As we all know, setting up a Facebook page for photography is an easy enough job. But the difficult part is what comes after. How did this remarkable journey of yours start?

It’s a very long story, I’m sure your blog won’t have enough space for it 🙂

Making it short, i have been passionate about creative arts since childhood and definitely wanted create a career out of it. Hailing from a typical Brahmin family in Chennai, I was/am criticized big time for not taking regular safe and traditional path of joining an IT company or becoming a doctor. Photography as a profession was/is considered as a cheap profession at-least to my circle of people and i strongly believed it was just a myth.

Strong Passion combined with perseverance has made me reach this level today and all the mouths that criticized are shutting slowly.

I wanted to break the myth of a photographer or a photography firm being a non-viable / cheap career and create a company with international quality standards and processes. I am working on it and I’m glad that the results so far are amazing.

Today the company has 15 full time employees, 20 part time employees, a corporate office in Chennai, 5 internal departments, a dedicated IVR number for clients and a happiness manager as well.

3. Have you had clients sign up from the Facebook page? How many if so?

300+ clients and more than 3 crores of overall revenue till date!

4. Wow that’s a huge number! Have you made use of the marketing tools offered by Facebook for your page? eg: Ads, Offers etc

Our adverts run throughout the year and we utilize them as much as possible to create brand recall and generate enquiries. I study Facebook’s page insights regularly and feel that, I have only tapped 0.5% to 0.7% of the potential market yet. The best is yet to come.

5. Over time, has your positioning changed due to your social media presence? 

Right from day one, I have been clear on my target audience. Thanks to the zero support I got when I started the business, I learnt from 100’s of mistakes and today I have a very strong marketing and business objective that is being continuously improved regularly right from inception.

6. What is that one compliment you received on your page that will always be special to you?

A recent one, “Amazing work..! The page Pranesh Photography can actually change the mind of non interested souls in marriage”

Listening to Pranesh’s story we urged him to apply for our VME awards in the Zero to Hero category! Do you have a similar story? Nominate yourself for the VME awards now!


Sorav Jain

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