How To Create An Effective SaaS SEO Strategy In 2023


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Saas companies are growing gradually and have taken a fine seat in the market.  Do you know why?

One of the key contributors to their broad reach would be search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in boosting reach and visibility of any website. 

SEO strategies are made use of in all domains, and a SaaS-based company is no exception to that. Go through this blog to know how to create an effective Saas SEO strategy in 2022. 

What Is SaaS?

SAAS is abbreviated as software as a service. SAAS is nothing but making use of the internet to deliver applications. Instead of installing software and putting it to use, SaaS offers the space to use applications via the internet. SaaS applications are also referred to as hosted software, web-based software, or on-demand software. All the Google apps are examples of SaaS-based applications.

What Is SaaS SEO?

It is worth mentioning that several SAAS companies are turning to performance tracking, SEO strategies, PPC marketing, social ads, affiliate marketing, and many more. It revolves around customer acquisition to increase organic traffic and rankings of the company’s website. 

In a nutshell, SaaS SEO uses search engine optimization techniques to increase visibility and ranking and boost the traffic of a SaaS website. Typically SAAS SEO includes the following factors: 

  • Searching for the software helps the searcher understand who you are and your services efficiently. 
  • Searching for potential information regarding your software, get valuable insights on the software, SEO strategies, and will they cater to their requirements or needs. 
  • We are acquiring information regarding the purchase of the software and other services. 

While the ranking factors for Google remain the same, it includes the following pointers: 

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Page speed, or rank brain 

It is vital to understand and develop an SEO strategy by creating great content that helps to match the search query, earns backlinks that help rank organically, enhances brand authority, and drives business growth. Having a SAAS company with a developed SEO strategy and aiming to rank organically can be overwhelming. SAAS framework is explained with a proper layout or breakdown of the components of the SEO strategy to produce powerful, measurable, and effective results; This blog will help you leverage the SEO team’s resources and understand buyer personas, and various issues can be resolved the user intent. 

The SAAS business model gives a unique opportunity to compete in the organic search space and gain ranks organically. It enables companies to understand target personas and create a strategy that helps them gain a competitive edge over others and accelerate the search growth results or traffic. The SEO strategy can be modified, improved, and pivoted for various industries; however, as a SAAS company, you can perform the SEO framework that helps to rank organically. The listed pointers will help you understand how SEO can drive better results. 

  • SEO plays a pivotal role for SAAS companies. It has become a vital source to strive in the SAAS enterprise world, attract new customers, and drive more than 75% of traffic to the company compared to other strategies. 
  • Keyword research and SEO strategy user engagement metrics are a basic foundation of data analysis. It helps to understand how the user engages with a site and how it can be grown to drive better results. 
  • Search optimization is one of the best options for the SAAS companies to reach great heights. It helps to grow ROI or outpace it against other PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing strategies. 
  • The SEO strategies help boost site traffic against other strategies for several years with affordable budgets and effective results. 
  • SEO strategies, high traffic keywords, and user intent represent primary goals that help achieve better results in the SAAS industry. 

What is Included in the B2B SAAS SEO Services Provided by echoVME?

echoVME digital is one of the most promising digital marketing Agency in chennai that offers 360-degree marketing solutions, including SEO Services, social media marketing, digital advertising, content marketing, website development, etc. 

Our team of passionate digital marketers executes top-notch digital marketing and SEO strategies that help to offer a valuable dose of digital marketing or SEO insights. The establishment of professional or SEO specialists performs off-page Seo strategies by creating shareable content, the king of search engine optimization. It is a great way to generate more natural backlinks and rank higher.

Why SEO for SaaS Companies Is a Worthwhile Investment?

The formula is simple. SEO plays a crucial role in improving the customer base and bringing more traffic. A SAAS company needs to incorporate an SEO strategy if they haven’t established themselves. The SEO strategies are evolving enormously, and having the fundamentals in hand, will help to improve the projects and enhance the results. SEO has always been the number one option to boost traffic and online presence and attract software (SAAS) business customers. Several companies must realize their SEO potential and explore various opportunities.

With ever-increasing competition in the SAAS world, it is pivotal to gain quality leads and thrive in the business world. With the right SEO strategies, it is possible to quickly spread the word about your brand and reach the target audience. It helps generate organic traffic for the business that helps to enhance or translate potential leads into customers. 

62% of marketers or professionals have claimed that SEO and organic traffic has potentially increased, leading to the generation of quality leads. To potentially increase the customer base, SAAS companies have to improve their operations, work on producing good quality content and improve the page ranking. 

A) SEO Can Kickstart Your Journey Into the SAAS World 

No matter your product or brand, it won’t generate better results if the right SEO strategies are not incorporated. The suitable measures and constantly updated SEO will help you find your feet in the dynamic global market or industry. 

It is pivotal to produce or deliver good quality content, using optimized keywords snd updating the web content on the webpages to kickstart your SAAS business. It will improve landing on the first rank or search queries. With the implementation of the SEO strategy, it can be a significant reason to bring several SAAS companies together. 

With several SEO tools and techniques, you can rank your website for various topics and improve SEO optimization. Several off-page SEO techniques can play a pivotal role in enhancing influencer outreach, social media engagement, and results. 

B) Generate Traffic To the Website

Undoubtedly, SEO tools and techniques play a significant role in boosting online traffic and generating more sales. The implementation of SEO strategies is not limited to the web pages; you can optimize the social media pages for your business to generate more traffic and enhance sales. Keyword optimization using SEO can push your website to the first page of organic results. 

As a SAAS company, you can optimize the landing pages with several SEO techniques to improve the organic traffic; Cross promoting your content or services across several platforms can help you drive traffic between web pages and social media web pages. 

Ranking higher on SERPs is crucial for generating organic traffic, and if one of your web pages lands up on the first page, the Google algorithm will push your website higher. Content is the backbone of the ranking factor, and the Google algorithm would not show your web pages high if the blog posts were not relevant. SEO-optimized content will help you target specific niches, drive quality visitors, and keep them engaged; These are the several befits a SAAS company would acquire after performing the following points. 

C) Cut Down Your Expenditure On Paid Advertisements. 

Too much dependence on paid advertisements or other strategies can cost you a fortune. If you do not engage in active SEO optimization or SEO techniques, you might lose quality traffic. It might drastically affect the profit margins; SEO is beneficial for SAAS companies in the long run. It helps boost website traffic, escalates profits margins exponentially, and drive quality leads to traffic. SEO strategies are comparatively beneficial compared to PPC ads.

 As per sources, 80% of the users ignore paid ads and give major priority or importance to organic results. PPC ads will keep burning a hole in your pocket, and SEO strategies will generate traffic to the website. It will help maintain website rankings, drive more quality traffic to the website, and rank higher on web pages. 

The PPC campaigns in the “Ad-block” active users get filtered and are not visible on the results page. Investing in SEO strategies can prove beneficial, as organic search results invoke trust from the viewers and become a significant authority domain factor for SAAS companies. With good SEO practices, you can deliver better results rather than investing or managing paid adverts. SEO will be more effective when looked at from the gambit of the paid ads, as most of the effort in paid ads does not deliver promising results. 

D) Beat Your Competitors

With the advent of technology. Internet and smartphones, billions of active users globally spread across the industry. It has caused a scenario where the competition in the SAAS industry has tremendously escalated. All the companies are trying to grab the users’ attention, turning them into potential customers. 

While PPC ads can be pushed across the SERPs or rankings, the organic results derived from SEO or inbound marketing methods help to stand out among others. The users click on the organic search results that match their keywords and cater to their search queries. With a thoroughly designed SEO strategy, you can beat your competitors naturally with organic traffic, quality leads, and enhanced ROI. SEO strategies are one of the best options to maintain consistent rankings and skyrocketing leads. With the help of SEO professionals or experts, you can perform the following, that are as follows: 

  • Perform full-proof SEO auditing and improve your SEO business. Technical SEO auditing would ensure that your SAAS website pages are optimized to rank better in search engines. 
  • Conversion rate optimization to deliver measurable search results. 
  • Aim to secure high-quality links to invest in SEO and maintain the effort to incorporate the SEO strategies. 

 E) SEO Can Help To Expand Your Growth Exponentially

Search engine optimization is a long-term investment that you make for your SaaS company. As your business grows, you need to keep up with the market and its competition and demands. To keep up with the numerous competition, you need to optimize your website with appropriate keywords to convert more leads. In a nutshell, SEO largely influences the user experience, and it plays a significant role in creating a meaningful impact on the audience or users. 

D) SEO Can Help to Reduce Your Cost-Per-Acquisition

Cost per acquisition is a measure to aggregate the cost of acquiring per customer for a campaign. While running ads or carrying out PPC activities, the amount spent is considerable and the expected leads generated differ. Whereas when your search engine optimizes your website, the number of leads you generate is a significant sum, and it wouldn’t cost much. It helps to acquire better results affordably and cost-effectively. Aim for implementing a good SEO strategy that attracts traffic that can be potential leads, reducing customer acquisition costs and boosting revenue. 

SEO helps reduce cost per acquisition over time and delivers better results compared to other PPC strategies or campaigns. If you maintain a consistent SEO strategy, you can maintain a low cost per acquisition. And deliver better results. 

E) SEO Can help To Convert Customers From Other Channels

Search engine optimized pages will show up on search engines with greater visibility. SEO strategy for Saas is one of the best ideas that you can implement to derive the best results and generate more sales. Leveraging SEO for your SAAS business can help detect the target audience and cater to their requirements. Good quality content, effective keywords, optimized web pages, social media strategy, and SEO can be a compelling SEO investment opportunity that can manifold your results and help you maintain a competitive edge over others. 

Let’s Have A Look At The 11-Actionable SaaS SEO Strategy That Can Bring Traffic To Your Website

1. Establish a clear set of goals and KPI for your website 

Every search engine optimization technique needs to have clear goals. Several key performance indicators like revenue, overall performance, and conversions can be major valuable SEO strategies for the business; key performance indicators play a significant role or foundation for the SAAS business, which helps incorporate SEO strategy. 

An exciting thing about Key performance indicators is that they are not the metrics that determine what you have to target or achieve; it also ascertains several improvements. There are specific vital metrics that you need to keep in mind and measure for better results. It would be best to ascertain the unique visits, organic traffic, paid traffic, or active users. Several metrics will help you indicate the target audience and the primary traffic source. 

It helps to indicate the customer acquisition cost, which goes into convincing the user or consumer. As a SAAS company, this metric will play a significant role in ascertaining the amount of money needed to acquire the consumer. One primary tactic the SAAS companies can use is gaining more referrals and generating trust and goodwill for the company. 

2. Understanding the Customer Persona is Pivotal 

The two significant factors that need to be kept in mind are the customer personas and their problems. Knowing the target personas and solving their customer queries or problems is crucial. It helps create an effective strategy that solves the queries and helps your platform gain a major spotlight or competitive edge. 

You can think about SAAS SEO regarding customer personas and their problems to develop a cohesive strategy that meets the customer requirements. Develop the SAAS SEO strategy that helps drive a significant source of quality traffic to the business. Present your SAAS SEO strategy to the right people or audience at the right time to present your platform as the most authoritative and reliable website or business. Build buyer personas that comprise the target audience’s demographics, psychographics, and custom profiles. Kickstarting your SAAS SEO strategy with a look at the type of people or audience you want to connect with or target can boost your SAAS business’s marketing and sales results.  

3. Analyze Your Direct and Indirect Competitors

It is pivotal to keep in mind the competitor’s SAAS SEO strategy, which will help to drive more success. It is vital to keep a close eye on the competitor’s move to develop effective strategies that help gain a better edge over them. Have a significant track of the direct and indirect competitors to develop a cohesive and holistic SEO strategy. Your direct competitors would have similar platforms that would serve the same purpose. It is vital to create strategies or content that stands apart from others. Any business needs to create a detailed analysis of the competitor’s strategy to help them create a better strategy from the beginning and execute them effectively. Use several tools to gain insights into the competitor’s top-ranking pages. 

4. Pointing out your challenges and building a Strong keyword strategy is vital 

If you have achieved success or grabbed a significant foothold in the SAAS business market, you must understand how important it is to build buyer personas and solve customer queries. It is vital to build buyer personas, capture the ideal prospects, and develop SEO strategies that help to gain significant engagement and quality traffic. However, top-funnel keywords or significant ranking or optimized keywords should be a piece of cake for primary the SAAS business. Aim to rank your website with the essential keywords that help to match the user intent or search queries. It will help your target the audience and drive a significant traffic source. The primary purpose of implementing this SEO strategy is to understand the following questions: 

  • Questions or queries that are put forth or asked by the target audience. 
  • Challenges or problems they possess
  • SEO strategies that help to solve their main queries and rank better. 

5. Optimize the landing page to the best of your ability using keyword optimization anding Pages

Have a comprehensive list of the keywords that help identify the powerful search queries, which will help identify how search engines will rank them in the future. You need to build a content strategy around the top funnel keywords and push the prospects to the funnel. Knowing your audience and targeting the keywords is vital to deriving better results. As you keep progressing towards the sales funnel, it is vital to use keywords that attract the target audience and help you rank better. Your product pages will offer valuable insights to perform better with the help of an effective SEO strategy or keyword research. 

6. Chalked Down a Comparison Keyword Strategy 

It is one of the effective SAAS SEO strategies, and it plays a pivotal role in improving the SAAS business, and rand reaches incredible heights of success. Whenever it comes to putting together the SAAS strategy, one major thing you must keep in mind is to perform the keyword strategy. It is one of the best options to induce people to sign up for your platforms and target them effectively. Please focus on why our platform is better than competitors, and educate the users on these pointers. 

7. Outrank Your Competitors By Curating Better Content 

It is one of the powerful strategies that become a major deciding factor for the SAAS business success. Creating engaging, enriched content helps to stand out among the competitors. It is one of the significant pointers to outrank the competitors. Every website or page needs to have better content to educate users and produce a better user experience. Creating relevant and engaging content means producing content that caters to the user queries or matches the user’s intent. Use long-tail keywords and longer content that matches user intent; ensure to analyze the competitor’s page, their SEO strategy, and keyword research to build better and more competitive strategies. 

8. Indulge in Strong Technical and On-Page SEO Strategies 

We suggest you give significant importance to technical SEO and on-page SEO techniques. These strategies play a significant role in creating better-optimized pages and ranking better. As a SAAS business, you should not ignore the importance of these strategies, as they help you gain a competitive edge over others. It will help your site reach maximum potential and rank better. It will determine various factors to rank better, perform SEO audits, and achieve optimization ideas to improve on-page SEO for your web pages. 

Earning backlinks will help you enhance brand authority, reliability, and rank for competitive keywords. It is one of the essential points to be kept in mind to build a solid link-building strategy. It will help you earn relevant links for your content or webpage. Thes link-building strategies will help you rank in search engines like Google. It will help you achieve your target audience, drive relevant and quality traffic, and gain more leads. The various essential tactics are as follows: 

  • Digital PR
  • Effective link building strategies
  • Guest posting techniques

10. Enhancing Your Presence on Review Sites is the Key to Online Reputation Management

SEO is one of the essential strategies that act as a primary key driver for business growth for your SAAS business. There are seemingly endless options for several B2B software companies to use review sites or strategies that act as a guide to understand the buyer personas. An excellent review management strategy will help your SAAS business rank higher than your competition. Answering customer queries or responding to customer feedback is a great way to boost your brand loyalty. Customer reviews impact your business’s success, and it is vital to nurture customer relationships. 

11. Tie-Up With Local Tech Bloggers For Content Promotion

It is one of the best SEO strategies for SaaS. Reaching out to bloggers and promoting quality and informative content can bring about great reach and visibility on your website. For a SaaS-based page, sourcing opportunities from tech bloggers or link-building strategies can significantly boost your brand authority. Adding such strategies to your web pages can boost your keyword rankings and help you gain a competitive edge over others. 


We hope the above-listed points could help produce effective SEO strategies for your SAAS business. It can be overwhelming or challenging to create effective SEO strategies; however, it is pivotal as a business owner to create the best strategy that can help you gain a competitive edge over others. Leveraging several SEO opportunities can be beneficial to enhance the marketing efforts and rank effectively. Do let us know if we missed out on any valuable SEO strategies in the following section.


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