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#InspiringFridaysAtechoVME – The Creative Climb by Harish Kumar

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The morning sun shone as bright as every other echoVMEians face on a Friday. As we waited for the day’s Guru Cool session, we were introduced to Mr. Harish Kumar, the Director of Hypnautyx Entertainment Private Limited who enlightened our team on creativity and being unique and how to elevate our levels of creativity. He thoroughly enriched our knowledge banks.



He inculcated a feeling of positivity and optimism in every one present in the room. He made us realise that creativity lies in the heart and not in the mind. For instance, a person may spend crores of money on a buying a painting. This is only because the creativity of the painting melted his heart. He quoted “Creativity is not inborn and nor can it be developed through tools and techniques.” He also quoted Albert Einstein’s quote “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”


A learning process was introduced which said, engage and trust yourself and the people around you, learn, explore and empower and lastly, play and bond. Hence, as learning process beginners he broke us into groups and we were asked to depict our own company in the most creative ways possible but without using any technical terms, usual terms used by the company and most importantly the designers were asked to minimalize their contribution. This created a sense of trepidation amongst all of us but it was remarkable as to how our outcomes were innovative.





He wrapped up the session by giving suggestions and showing videos made by his company. This was one of the most creative sessions which enriched our brains with sagacity.

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