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Top 10 Social Media Tips For Startups

Top 10 Social Media Tips For Startups-min
Written by echoVME

If you are an aspiring budding entrepreneur and have a startup, then this is for you. Startups are like just-born kids that need extra care and attention. A business when it’s starting should have a strong base. Many budding businesses find it challenging to pass through the so-called phase one of their business life.

This is mostly because they are skeptical about how to proceed further. An established small business, in the initial stages of its journey, should spend extra hours in making its presence known to its people. But it has become incredibly more comfortable these days due to the presence of social media.

Social media is one such tool that helps brands reach a vast number of customers in a short span of time. However, reaching out to customers and making your brand awareness to them are not the only things to be done. One has to take up steps to keep the spark alive in the minds of the customers. Here are ten amazing tips that you can use to stabilize your startup in no time!

Top 10 Social Media Tips For Startups

1. Goal setting and market research

Knowing where you are and where you want to go to are called goal-setting. Businesses need to think ahead of time to make sure they work sound and smooth. Goal setting brings order and provides a clear picture as to what the next steps would be.

Market research, on the other hand, helps know your customers better. Research well about what your target customers would be and how you can get to them. This alone solves half of the questions wandering in your mind.

2. What platforms to use

The answer is straightforward. And it lies in the first step mentioned above. While you do market research, it is also very essential to figure out what social media platforms do your target customers use?

There are multiple ones like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Finding out this will help you frame strategies accordingly and form campaigns and ads or other creatives for the brand.

3, Marketing Plans

Once you have set your target customers and the target social media space, you next have to plan how to take your brand to them. Mere advertisements through Facebook alone will not help. There are multiple options to choose from, and one must and should explore before getting down into it. This is also for the frequency of the campaigns.

Ask yourself, questions like how many campaigns? Should it be weekly or monthly? What would be the campaigns? Are there going to be any special deals? And so on. In fact, creating a content publishing calendar in advance would help you save a lot of time and will channel your brand perfectly.

4. Automation Tools

Get creative but also make sure to get advanced in using tools. There are several automated tools online that you can use to make your startup life simpler. For example, Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media tools that cover almost all functions that can be done by a social media manager.

With this tool, you can schedule posts, curate content, managing team members and even calculating ROI. Buffer, another tool can be used to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Stories, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

It can also be used to manage customer engagement and analyze customer feedback results in a better way.

Similarly, other cool social media management tools are – Social Pilot, Social Flow, eClincher, CoSchedule, Sensible and so on. Take some time to find out which one will suit your brand requirements the best. By using them, you save a lot of time and also do not end up in missing to post your content.

5. Visually Attractive Content

One of the most essential things to bear in mind as a startup is to make sure customers remember your brand. To make sure they come back to you, you need to create visually appealing content.

Think beyond and out of the box. Incorporate graphics in your posts to create better interests. VR or virtual reality is another significant step that you can take up to showcase your brand to your customers. It is said that visuals create more impact in minds than text or any other form of content.

6. Engaging Posts

Have a different thought process to make better posts and engaging content. A post, for example, should be in such a way that it makes the audience to have a curiosity factor to know what is the brand all about.

Collaborate with other brands to spread your visibility. Holding live streaming as this will help you connect better with your customers. Organizing a giveaway once a while will also boost your audience rate.

7. Track Results

While performing and coming up with creative ideas is one side of a coin, to measure the success of it is another. Continually keeping track of your results will help you know how your posts are doing and what are the improvement areas.

Tracking insights and going through the tool’s statistics will help you form better solutions for your brand’s online presence. Studying reports will also help in having a better customer experience by taking the necessary steps to make better customer connection and support.

8. Mobile Audience

There are a very handful of people who still use only computers or desktops to stay online social media. A maximum number of people these days have a mobile phone and an internet connection to it.

Businesses are running through phones. To create content and designs that will consider mobile users too. This is called responsive design. You are likely to get more potential customers through mobile users.

9. Create a Brand Message

Over a period of time, people should be able to identify your brand with one single element. Your goal after a point should ultimately be to focus on building a strong identity for your brand. Pick a catchy tagline or a message that will resonate with your ideas and will help connect it with your customers.

10. Stay Active

To grow consistently in your business, you should be active regularly and actively engage with your audience. The expectation would be more when you reach a reasonable fan-base for your brand. Do not sit back and relax as this is when you will have to work hard to keep your brand ahead of your competitors.
Putting them first and letting them know you care about them and that their opinions matter will make a huge difference. This will give the impression that you are not there only to sell but to make connections with your customers.


As budding stars, startups should work relentlessly to keep their brand alive in the cutting edge competition in the market. You don’t have to rush to reach the top. Remember, going the right way is more important than reaching the top through a shortcut. Experiment and explore from thousands of options for not all brands need to have the same strategies to win!

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