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Suveeksha’s bday

The silent entry of new echoVME’s content writer gave us a very unusual surprise of her own  b’day to us at the end of the 5th July .The whole evening she remained quiet  and didn’t hint on the fact that it was actually her b’day.

In fact, Ramesh had actually sent an e-mail to Sorav saying :

Join me to wish our New Joinee – Suveeksha, a very Happy Birthday !!  ””

The Confusion- : Sorav thought Ramesh mean’t it as a relative to her first day at echovme . However, just to be sure, he casually asked suveeksha if it really was her b’day @ 6.30 p.m. And to all our surprise, you can imagine the look on our faces when she said  yes!

“This is how she surprised everyone was @echoVME..?”

Mission getting a  b’day cake : Vern & I, immediately went to get cake for Suveeksha  from the nearest bakery we could think of – “La chocolate Pastier”. Confusion again? – Sorav had asked us to get an  eggless cake  unfortunately, both of us were getting attracted only to cakes with egg…Finally we choose the ultimate pastry within our budget -“ The Temptation”.  In the meantime, somewhere on a similar mission, Priya and Sorav had gone to get a small gift for Suveeksha.

All’s well that ends wel! : We returned back just in time and arranged the Temptations on the tray. We lit birthday candles and gathered everyone in the collaboration room . We then welcomed the b’day girl inside singing Happy b’day on an extremely happy note! You can imagine how the singing sped up when th delicious temptation pastries were revealed. It was so tempting, we literally wanted to jump on them!

Suveekha blew out her candles, made her wish and we all started licking the spoons filled with tempataion (especially Vern). Sorav and Naganathan happily  capture the moments of the day and finally Sorav gifted a cute little the dog (we named “Tommy”) to Suveeksha  for her birthday from the echoVME team, and she loved it . We all had a lovely time and it was one of the best spent at echovme…J

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of World’s leading digital marketing influencers. He started his career as an SEO specialist and, in 2010, went on to establish echoVME Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVME Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team to bring out the best digital marketing and social media solutions for brands across India. In 2019, he also founded Digital Scholar, the educational extension of echoVME that offers digital marketing training for enthusiasts from all walks of life. In addition to being a digital marketing agency and digital marketing training institute owner, he is also a keynote speaker, consultant, and author, with 5 books to his credit to date.
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