10 Tips for Growing Agencies on How to Train New Employees


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For agencies, employee training is a vital part of ensuring smooth operations and meeting clients’ expectations. However, it can be difficult to know where to start or what methods are most effective. To make it a much easier task, in this article we will be discussing the most effective tips for having a healthy and successful training program. Read the entire article to know the best 10 tips for growing agencies on how to train new employees.

Did you know that few companies have an onboarding process up to 90 days.

10 Tips for Growing Agencies On How To Train New Employees

When it comes to training your new employees, there are certain factors that determine how the training process should be. A training program for new employees should include an overview of the agency’s mission and values, as well as specific information on the agency’s work culture, clients, and processes. 

Additionally, the program should cover industry-specific knowledge and skills that will help new employees be successful in their roles. Here are a few tips for your growing agency on how to train your new employees.

1. Start with the basics

Starting with the basics is always a better plan. Before diving into any technical or hectic task, start with the basics and the values of the agency. Make sure your employee understands the entire process so that moving forward will be simple for you both in the future. This also includes the culture, values, mission, and working process or style of your agency and what you expect from your employees as a result.

2. Have a clear and transparent discussion

Having a transparent and clear discussion before outsetting is a very important thing to do. You have to have a clear discussion about the agency and their job role from your perspective so that your new employees know what is expected of them. Make sure to cover everything from job responsibilities and deadlines to performance metrics.

3. Provide adequate resources

In order to understand the whole process and adapt to the agency’s needs, the employee may need some resources with respect to the work. This includes things like training materials, manuals, and contact information for key people within the organization so that they can reach out to them if they need any clarifications.

One more important point to remember is that making your employees comfortable in the workspace by providing such an environment is the responsibility of the agency.

5. Allow for practice and feedback

When it comes to the training period, give your employees ample opportunities to practice and learn more during the training period itself. Do not pressurize them during this phase, as they tend to make mistakes and learn from them. They also take some time to understand and adapt to the process and the new environment. 

The better learning phase will definitely lead them to think and work more efficiently in the future, for the growth of the company as well as for the individual. Give them constructive feedback then and there during the training period so that they know where to make changes and improvements.

5. Always have a clear and concise plan

A clear and concise plan is always better for a successful training period, which will be a factor for the work to be carried out once the training is completed. Also, if the information is generic, make sure that all employees receive it so that you can stay on track. 

6. Have a structured program

Structure the program according to the company’s needs. Before planning it, make sure to analyze the trend and what kinds of skills your employees need in order to produce quality work.

7. Choose a format that will work best

Follow the method or format that works best for your agency. At the same time, keep in mind that the training period should be more engaging and a time for understanding the market and the company’s needs. The entire programme must be concentrated on the niche area and some other related areas.

8. Invest enough time and have a expertised team

Having an expert team is much more important when training a new employee, as they are the experts in the field and the ones who know very well about the needs of the agencies and the clients.

Then comes the timing. Always have a specific duration for the training period; it may be for weeks or months, but having one is the best choice. Make sure that you don’t rush, because rushing through it will only lead to confusion and frustration on the part of your employees.

9. Clarify the queries

Always address the questions regarding the programme that your employees have. They would certainly have various questions in mind, so make sure you make them comfortable and answer them all clearly and concisely.

10. Be flexible

Being flexible does not mean not giving importance to the work. The ultimate goal is to get work done, but instead of leading a mundane working life, give your employees the space to explore with internal teams and other activities in the office. This will definitely aid your company in getting the work done efficiently and effectively. This also leads to building great relationships with the employees and making them feel like they have a healthy working environment.

Did you know that there are five C’s to follow and it helps to have an effective onboarding process. 

Tips for growing agencies

When you’re initially starting out, it might be tough to know how to properly train your new employees. But once you start to follow a method, it will be easy to get it on track. Never be afraid to experiment with different methods until you find one that works for your agency. 

  • Define your agency’s culture and values from the beginning. This will assist establish the tone for how your employees should act and perform.
  • Create a training plan that suits your organization. This ensures that your staff are developing the skills necessary for success in their roles.
  • When training new employees, be patient and have reasonable expectations. They might  require time to master new skills, so don’t expect them to be flawless right immediately.
  • Share regular feedback. This will assist employees in understanding what they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Did you know that a non-effective onboarding process may lead to employees leaving the organization within 90 days of joining.

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To make it short, the new employee training programme should provide an overview of the agency’s goals and values, as well as detailed information about the organization, clients, and process. Furthermore, the training should provide industry-specific knowledge and skills that would assist new employees in their responsibilities.


1. What are the basic criteria for training a new employee?

While training your employees, the key thing to keep in mind is to train them as per your company’s needs.

2. Why is training the employee important?

It is important because it helps the employees understand the process and their area of work better and helps them have a good performance at work. It also increases productivity.

3. On what basis can we evaluate the performance of the new employees?

The performance can be evaluated based on two criteria that would be easy to measure. One is qualitative, and the other is quantitative. Their performance can be easily evaluated based on the amount of work they completed in that time frame and the quality of their work. 

4. What are the 5 C’s of onboarding?

Connections, clarifications, culture, compliance, and check back are the 5 C’s for an effective onboarding process.


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