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10 Easy Tips on Writing Great Blog Post Content

Written by echoVME

Everyone likes to read a good blog but a great blog is what stands out. So what is it that makes these blogs noticeable? Without further ado let’s read on how we could turn a good blog into a great blog using these 10 easy tips.

1. Add an interesting Title:
Your title is the description of what your blog is about and it’s a marketing tool by itself. Even though your blog has great content it’s the title that attracts the readers so always take some time in working out a title because you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. A few suggestions: include the keyword, pose a question, include a benefit in the title, and use a list approach.

2. Research:

  • Take time to research,read as much as possible.
  • Research around your topic, stay on track and don’t get distracted.
  • Plan your research and make sure to take notes.

Research around your writing; don’t write around your research.

3. Make sure the content is relevant:
Making quality content is very important. When writing about a certain topic get to the point, readers go through a few sentences and realize the content they are looking for isn’t there and move on. Writing relevant content makes your reader think you have something interesting to say and refer your content to friends. Be honest and relate with your audience.

4. Give appropriate quotes:
Just because most blogs have quotes it isn’t necessary your blog should have one. Unless you want to tell the readers something that is not yours and it proves a point “

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about” Benjamin Franklin.

5. Picture always speak louder than words
6. Use simple Language:
Understand your audience; do not use a lot of jargon and idioms. Always write in a way that would be easy for your audience to read.

7. Keep it Short:
Nobody likes to read an entire page of information that can be said in few lines. Be crisp and to the point.

8. It should be your story:
Be creative and original. Write an article filled with information from your perspective, when you write original content it gives you a chance to understand the brand fully.

9. Proof read your blog a couple of days after you finished it:
After you finish your content / story give it a few days. You don’t need to proof read it right away. What may seem appropriate might change after a few days. You’ll be able to find more errors when you proof read line by line after a couple of days.

10. Always run a grammar check:
When you’re writing don’t stop to check the spelling you might lose the momentum but always make sure to do a grammar check later. Nobody wants to read a blog with spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation.

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