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In today’s digital marketing scenario, Amazon has become the powerhouse of online shopping and a vast ecosystem for shoppers heading to Amazon to purchase a product. Leveraging effective advertising strategies and connecting with a large customer base is vital to navigate this success and generate effective results. That is how Amazon ads come into power play! 

What Are Amazon Ads? 

Amazon Ads is a comprehensive advertising platform for sellers, vendors, and brand owners to market their products and connect with a large client base. They help with the following factors: 

  • Better product visibility
  • Enhanced sales and revenue
  • Enhances trust and credibility
  • High audience reach 
Did you know? 
The average cost per click (CPC) for Amazon Ads in the United States was $0.89 in 2020-21. This represents the average amount advertisers pay within the Amazon advertising ecosystem for each click on their adverts.

So, whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting on Amazon, this blog on Amazon Ads will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to navigate the advertising landscape, raise your sales, and stand out from the crowd. 

What Are The Types Of Amazon Ads?

A. Sponsored product ads – An advertising format, a pay-per-click advertising solution that promotes the product. These advertising formats work on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, with marketers selecting and bidding on relevant keywords. When buyers search for such keywords on Amazon, the adverts are triggered and appear prominently in search results and product detail pages.

Where Do They Appear? 

  • Search Results: When customers search for relevant terms, Sponsored Product adverts may appear in the search results. These advertisements show alongside organic search results, seamlessly merging with product listings. 
  • Product Detail Pages: Sponsored Product advertising may also appear on related product detail pages. Ads can be presented while clients examine specific products, providing an additional opportunity to capture their attention and direct them to the promoted product. 
  • Mobile Devices: Sponsored Product adverts are mobile device-optimised and can be seen on smartphones and tablets. Because mobile purchasing is becoming more popular, this placement ensures that adverts reach clients while browsing Amazon on their mobile devices.

How To Create A Sponsored Product Ads Campaign? 

  • Access your Amazon Seller Central account.
  •  Choose the product that you want to advertise.
  •  Determine the budget and duration of your campaign. 
  • Perform keyword research to find relevant keywords. 
  • Ad groups can be created based on keywords or product themes. 
  • Determine your bidding approach (manual or automated). 
  • Make eye-catching ad creatives with snappy headlines and product visuals.
  •  Launch your campaign and track its success.

Best Practices For Sponsored Product Ads

  • Relevant keyword targeting: It is vital to perform keyword research to identify the relevant and high-converting keywords for effective results. 
  • Monitoring and optimisation: Experiment with various campaign parameters, such as ad placements and targeting options, to find your product’s best fit.
  • Compelling ad creatives: Experiment with different campaign elements, such as ad placements and targeting options, to determine the best fit for your product.

B. Sponsored brands: These are known as Headline Search Ads, an advertising format used by several business owners. It enables them to use a prominent ad placement on Amazon’s search results page and other related pages to display their brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of their products. This format intends to assist advertisers in increasing brand awareness, driving consideration, and increasing sales for their product selection.

Where Do They Appear? 

  • Top of Search (TOS): Sponsored Brands advertising can appear significantly above organic search results at the top of Amazon’s search results page. This prominent location raises the brand’s and its products’ visibility and exposure.
  • Sponsored brand advertising may also appear on relevant product detail pages, highlighting the brand and its product offerings to visitors actively researching specific product listings.

How To Create A Sponsored Brands Campaign? 

  • Access and log in to the Amazon Advertising account
  • Click “Create Campaign” in Campaign Manager, and choose “Sponsored Brands” as the campaign type.
  • Set campaign name, budget, and dates.
  • Define targeting options: keywords or products.
  • Choose a bid strategy: dynamic or fixed, and create a compelling custom headline.
  • Select products and customise their display (around 100 pixels) 
  • Choose a landing page: Store or custom URL.
  • Review settings and ad creatives.
  • Launch the campaign, and monitor its performance. 

Best Practices For Sponsored Brands? 

  • Use A/B Testing: Experiment by making various versions of your advertising and testing them against one another. To optimise your campaigns, compare their success indicators to determine the most compelling aspects and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Make Actionable Headlines: Use simple and concise wording to express your brand’s and products’ distinct value proposition, enticing users to interact with your ad. 
  • Optimise Keyword Targeting: Improve your keyword choices by tracking performance and modifying bids. Concentrate on relevant and high-converting keywords to increase the visibility of your advertising and maximise the ROI of your campaign.

C. Sponsored display ads: An advertising format enables advertisers to promote their brands or products that resonate with the shopper’s interests, reach a wider audience, and improve visibility and engagement. Advertisers can efficiently target and attract new customers by selectively displaying these adverts to shoppers who have proven interested in relevant products, resulting in higher sales and brand exposure.

Where Do They Appear? 

  • Product Detail Pages: These advertisements can appear on relevant product detail pages, allowing advertisers to highlight their products to buyers actively looking for similar items.
  • Search Results Pages: Sponsored Display Ads may display on Amazon’s search results pages, giving sponsored products more visibility when shoppers search for related keywords.
  • External websites or mobile apps, as well

How To Create A Sponsored Display Ads Campaign? 

  • Access your Amazon Advertising account. 
  • Go to the Campaign Manager and select “Create Campaign.” Select “Sponsored Display” as your campaign type. 
  • Choose your campaign settings, including the campaign name, budget, and duration. 
  • Define your targeting options, such as audience or product targeting. Determine your bid strategy: dynamic bidding or fixed bids. 
  • Select the products you want to promote and personalise the display settings. 
  • Set your advertising’ landing page, which might be a product detail page or a custom URL. Check the accuracy of your campaign parameters, ad design, and targeting options, and lastly, launch your campaign and monitor its performance. 

Best Practices For Sponsored Display Ads? 

  • Precise Audience Targeting: Create a highly targeted audience based on demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviour, then use Amazon’s audience targeting choices to reach the most relevant customers.
  • Visually Appealing Ad Creative: Create visually appealing ad creative that portrays your business and products.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation: Track campaign results, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, regularly and identify and improve underperforming advertisements or placements.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon Ads For Brands & Sellers? 

  • Enhanced Visibility and Reach: Amazon advertisements provide an excellent platform for increasing the visibility of your products, reaching millions of active buyers on Amazon’s marketplace. Precise Targeting and Relevance: You can reach your intended audience based on demographics, shopping behaviours, and interests using Amazon’s extensive targeting capabilities, ensuring your ads are highly relevant to potential buyers.
  •  Increased Sales and Conversions: Amazon advertisements deliver targeted traffic to your product listings, which increases the likelihood of sales and conversions. Prominently placed ads increase your products’ visibility and encourage customers to purchase. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Advertising on Amazon allows you to outperform the competition by occupying prime ad spots, attracting buyers’ attention, and effectively exhibiting your brand’s special value offer.
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking: Amazon provides robust analytics capabilities for tracking the performance of your ad campaigns. You can optimise your advertising tactics by tracking impressions, clicks, conversions, and other crucial metrics. 
  • Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty: You may increase brand awareness across a large customer base by using Amazon ads. Customer loyalty and repeat purchases are more likely when they are exposed to your brand message and items regularly.
  • New Brand and Product Discoverability: Amazon is a go-to portal for product discovery. You may use Amazon advertisements to present your brand and new products to a larger audience, boosting interest and awareness among potential customers.

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Wrapping Up 

Amazon Ads are an effective tool for advertisers wishing to reach a large audience and increase sales on the Amazon platform. They provide a variety of ad formats and targeting choices to businesses, allowing them to efficiently promote their products and boost their visibility among potential buyers. Advertisers can design captivating Amazon Ads that engage their audience and produce great results by embracing the best practices highlighted in this blog post.


1. What are Amazon Ads? 

 Amazon Ads are online adverts that promote products on Amazon’s marketplace, assisting businesses in increasing visibility and driving sales.

2. How do Amazon Ads function? 

 Amazon adverts employ a pay-per-click approach, which means marketers only pay when customers click on their adverts. Various ad formats and targeting options are available to meet specific advertising objectives. 

3. What are some recommended practices for using Amazon Ads effectively? 

The following are three major best practices:

  •  For targeting, conduct extensive keyword research. 
  • Make appealing ad copy that emphasises product benefits.
  •  Improve product listings by including high-quality photos, descriptions, and reviews.

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