28 Reasons Why You’re Awesome, Sorav!
Today, we fondly celebrated the 28th birthday of our ever-awesome Thinker-In-Chief, Sorav Jain (woot woot!).

As er…a gift, I penned down these 28 reasons on why he is awesome:

1) You’re not just a boss but a wonderful, wonderful friend.
2) You’re the coolest boss ever – I mean it 🙂
3) You’re an awesome awesome leader. I am in awe everytime I think of your leadership!
4) You know how to carpe diem!
5) You inspire people everyday!
6) You are SO creative and innovative!
7) You’re one generous soul!
8) You want to share your passion with your people. That is so admirable.
9) You LOVE your work. Enough said :’)
10) You give your 100% to every single thing! SO WOW!
11) You have an amazing relationship with people 🙂 it comes so naturally to you!
12) You respect every life on earth.
13) You keep calm when its most needed. 
14) That sparkle in your eyes when you’re upto pranks 😀 you’re the most fun grown up I’ve ever known!
15) You know how to cheer people up 🙂 (I remember all the times I was being a pain and how you tried to talk me out of it 😛 )
16) Family is everything to you – your family is seriously lucky!
17) You’re one dedicated teacher – you have loads of patience!
18) You believe in people :’)
19) You’re super helpful! 
20) You truly sing like no one’s listening 😀
21) You’re always excited about your birthday like an adorable little boy 🙂
22) You don’t really give up and are undeterred (we successfully executed the bloggers meetup in 2015 after pitching it back in 2013!)
23) I love how open minded you are!
24) You don’t sleep much 🙁 and yet you’re at office the next day not feeling sleepy!
25) You’re never harsh….and I’ve never heard you shout 
26) Remember your 27th birthday? 😀 despite knowing this girl has just gotten her license and the fact that you have to ride pillion with her blindfolded, you didn’t say one word against it….you let me drive. :’)
27) You’re a foooooooodddddddddiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee and I have you (and echoVME) to thank, for turning me into one 😀
28)  Last but not the least, you’re the Digital Marketing Guru 
Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Sorav! 🙂 Happiest birthday to you 🙂
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