Click’d @echoVme

Have you ever gotten your freak on at work? Well there’s a lot of stuff happening here at echoVME that might make you go green :0

A perfect The Fun / Entertaining/Proffessional life @ echoVME, work here is something you can look forward to and its one of those unique cultures that echoVME adapts. Some might raise an eyebrow to some of echoVME’s practices – but all in all, we’re a bunch of like-minded individuals who believe that all work and no play does make Jack extremely glum.

Today was a day again out of the ordinary. It was time for a quick photo session. echoVME is a people brand and we the people were going to be a big part of its internal branding. I call this part of life, Click’d @echoVME.

Its morning time and we’re all ready in our best outfits. Don’t forget the glam up with make up and touch ups, we’re rearing to make a statement. The task was simple. We each had to pose in a fun way so we could get cheerful pictures of us that would adorn our individual glass wall.

Make up session before the Click’d

It was pretty exciting to get make up to office before the shoot and everyone is immediately experimenting- getting ready before the shoot. All girls at echoVME never looked better all set to be click’d.

Say cheese- well not necessarily!

We were all suppose to give two to three posses each for our glass wall In the casual attire each person gave different poses and here are the few description

Swetha – she posed a sweet tweety look. Vernicia – she posed in front of a blue background as she strangled her mouse and Priya posed in front of her green glass wall. The others kept it simple with thoughtful and cheerful poses and thus ended an eventful day!

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