Social media helps while T.V yaps on Mumbai Blasts in India

The people of Mumbai were yet again threatened by terrorist activities. And yet again television news channels rushed to the scene and took out their cameras and started blaming the Indian politicians and securities as usual. While the television news channels where covering the news and “serving” the people Twitter was in to the foray of “actually helping” the people.

Twitter’s official Indian account @twi tweeted “Twitter users in Mumbai are using the hash tags #needhelp and #here2help to help people affected by the blasts. Search will work on mobile.” The fact is that, usually people are very much concerned about sharing their numbers on a public forum but that was not the case on the night of Mumbai blasts, people actually started tweeting their mobile number on twitter promising whatever help they could offer. For e.g. One of the Mumbaities in twitter tweeted “for ppl who needs assistance in south mumbai connect 99******** #needhelp

” (Number masked for privacy reasons).

Even people got on to twitter not only o provide help but also ask for help. For instance, a person tweeted” B-ve donors needed tomorrow after 10 am, KEM Hospital, Parel, #Mumbai

contact 022-24*****#needhelp

” (Number masked for privacy reasons).

So if you are in Mumbai and really want to help your fellow citizens switch off the T.V log on to twitter and do what you can to help the people around you.

The Twitter handle-@twi

To provide help type #here2help and then the message

To ask for help type #needhelp then the message

This would be very useful for innumerous number of people who are In need of blood or searching for their loved ones. For instance, if you are ready to donate blood, just log into twitter and type #here2help, and then your blood group so that people can contact you if they are in need of that particular blood group.

Use Social media today for a noble cause.

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Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts
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Bhakti Thummar
2 years ago

Amazing article and content! Thank you for the information