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Yes. You have made the right decision by choosing a career in Digital Marketing. With a great scope of growth in the future, and brands realizing the power of the online world, a career in Digital Marketing would be the right foundation for a long-term plan. But before you begin, there are a few things you need to know about the industry.

It is a Creative Field

It is a Creative Field - Content Writing Portfolio
It is a Creative Field – Content Writing Portfolio

Yes, even the little technicalities that are involved need a tinge of creativity for them to grow rapidly. So yes, your certificates and your past degrees won’t be your strongest supporters here. Yes, they will add a lot to your resume and your experience, but in the end, your work and creativity are what will be the deciding factor.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term, with many specializations underneath. Each requires a different set of skills and passion. Artists, writers, visualizers, and many more, everyone can thrive in the field if they have the spark for it.

So, if not certificates and degrees, what do you present in an interview to show your credibility? Your portfolio! Just like every other creative field where people have a well-made portfolio showcasing the best works, the Digital Marketing world works the same.

Content Writing Portfolio

Content Writing Portfolio
Content Writing Portfolio

Digital Marketing cannot do without quality content. Be it blogs, descriptions, ads, or any campaign for that matter; the right words is the difference between content going Live and content going Viral. A content writing portfolio usually contains all the best works of the writer, which has gotten them the best results.

So before your start preparing your portfolio, there are a few things to be kept in mind. Here are a few.

Content Writing Portfolio – Things to be kept in mind

1. Tell The Story That Matters

Tell The Story That Matters - Content Writing Portfolio
Tell The Story That Matters – Content Writing Portfolio

The portfolio is all about the way you write. So why not start with an amazing story that would not just establish your writing expertise but also tell everything one has to know about you. Yes! Write your own story.

Turn the ‘about me’ section in your portfolio into a story. Follow all the right practices, add your previous experience, your educational journey, and everything that would add to your credibility. Your ‘About Me’ section is the only place where you can talk about yourself. So let the first article be about you, and make the most of this space!

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2. Show Your Versatility

Show Your Versatility - Content Writing Portfolio
Show Your Versatility – Content Writing Portfolio

A portfolio should have a minimum of 10-15 articles in it. And while at it, make sure you showcase your writing diversity. You never know what their requirement is, and hence, it is better to give them a sample of everything that is there to write about.

A technical article, a creative one, one with all the stats and facts, one with in-depth research about a topic, one where you state your opinion and review something, basically, something of every kind. If you have worked for different kinds of industry, mention them and give a sample from each industry as well.

3. Include Your Other Skills!

Include Your Other Skills - Content Writing Portfolio
Include Your Other Skills – Content Writing Portfolio

Creativity is never restricted. And in Digital Marketing, it is best to have more than one specialization. So, in addition to your articles, add samples of other skills that are relevant for your job. As a writer, some great skills to master and that can help you in your content writing journey are:

  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Ad copies
  • Social Media descriptions
  • Journal writing
  • Website writing
  • Proofreading

So add the samples of any of the other skills that you have indulged in the past, and give a peek of the same in your portfolio.

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4. Route Them To All Your Relevant Pages

Route Them To All Your Relevant Pages - - Content Writing Portfolio
Route Them To All Your Relevant Pages – – Content Writing Portfolio

The biggest advantage of maintaining an online portfolio is that it can be compact, and any number of links can be added. So apart from the various links to your works that you are planning to add to the portfolio, add other relevant pages and links that might prove to be useful in some way or the other.

It can be your Social Media, or your LinkedIn profile, or website links where your works have been featured, or you might have given some interviews somewhere, mention all the links that might work in your favour. Every work counts.

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5. Add Valuable Testimonials

Testimonials - Content Writing Portfolio
Testimonials – Content Writing Portfolio

Testimonials add a lot of credibility to your portfolio. It builds a strong base for whoever you send your portfolio to as they see the value of your work from someone else’s view. So if you have a list of past clients or brands that you have worked with, request them to give a snippet of their experience with you that talks about your writing skills, your timely delivery, the results they got through you, and other important information that may be handy.

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If you are Beginner - Content Writing Portfolio
If you are Beginner – Content Writing Portfolio

If you are a beginner, you really won’t have much diversity in the kinds of samples that you put, testimonials, blog links, and experience. In that case, what do you do?

1. Identify your niche: With experience, you get strong in various writing formats and styles. But in the beginning, just find out the comfort zone that you can write in.

2. Stick to 2 to 3 articles: Irrespective of whether you have clients or not, write at least 2 to 3 articles in that genre. Publish them in a free blog, and add them to your portfolio.

3. Route them to other smaller works: Writers leave their mark everywhere. Maybe a really well-written Quora answer, or a LinkedIn article, or even a social media description/copy that talks about your writing prowess, route them there! This will give a glimpse of the way you write, and your thought process.

Content Writing Portfolio doesn’t have any formula to stick to. There is no right or wrong way. At the end of the day, your portfolio should be able to convince the reader about the writing abilities. So focus on quality content, add your contact information and keep updating your portfolio; you never know when the need may arise!

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So, what other things do you add to your portfolio? Let us know below!

FAQs – Content Writing Portfolio 

1. How to create an attractive content writer portfolio?
To create an attractive content writer portfolio, focus on putting together a wholesome one. Have at least 10-12 diverse writing samples to showcase your writing prowess across genres and styles of content. Apart from this, have a crisp bio that talks about yourself and your experience in the area, and do not forget to provide links to your published works and blog sites!

2. How to make a content writing portfolio with no experience?
Creating a content writing portfolio with no experience is not as difficult as it seems. Here’s where you need to let your samples speak for yourself. Add a variety of writing samples to show them that you are a writer with diverse writing expertise. Provide links to your own blogs and other social media sites on which you have your written pieces.

3. What are the most important things to add to a content writing portfolio?
As a writer, you must have an updated portfolio at all times. Here are a few must-haves in your content writer portfolio:
– A strong bio
– A diverse set of writing samples
– Testimonials and recommendations as social proof
– Links to your social media, blogs, and published work
– Contact information

4. What are the things that one should not include in a content writing portfolio?
If you are a writer and are creating a content writer portfolio, here are a few things you must not do:
– Showcase of plagiarised work
– Too much information that is irrelevant to a writer’s role
– Lack of professionalism in your presentation
– Unimpressive design
– Links to work you wrote in confidence, not meant to be put in a resume/portfolio.

5. As a content writer, do you need a website for your content writing portfolio?
Having a website for your content writer portfolio is definitely an added advantage. It is like a one-stop site to showcase all your work and convey what you want to your recruiters.

6. How to make a portfolio for a content writer in India?
A content writer portfolio is not different for content writers in India compared to those around the world. You may add a good variety of writing samples and maybe go niche-based when you showcase your samples. Besides this, provide links to some of your best-published work, blogs, and social media.


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