Hiring Copy + Content Writer in Chennai! (Content Writing Jobs)

Hiring Copy + Content Writer

We’re hiring Copy Writer / Content Writer in Chennai to create a complete content marketing and creative copy writing structure. This is a senior role and we are looking for someone who can associate with us for full time role in Chennai. 

Job Description:

• Liaising with team and interpreting their briefs and descriptions.
• Converting ideas into creative concepts.
• Writing clear, persuasive, original copy.
• Proof reading copy to check spelling and grammar.
• Giving a creative edge to every single copy.
• Working on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines.
• In nutshell: Write blogs for clients, job descriptions, design smart tweets, content for ads.

Skills Required:

Excellent English communication skills (Written)
• Previous experience in writing absolutely brilliant ad copies.
• Minimum: 2 years experience required.
• Freshers who think can add value and match the above skills can apply too.

To apply: 

Kindly write a content on the below given topics 


Introductory email about yourself to the team (100 – 150 words)

What is the one thing you would like to change in the country and why? (100 – 150 words)

Send the above paragraph along with your resume to: Sorav@echovme.in, HR@echovme.com.

Subject: Applying For the Role of Copy Writer.

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the leading and top-notch digital marketing influencers who kickstarted his career as an SEO specialist and became the driving force behind establishing echoVme Digital, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. At echoVme Digital, Sorav Jain works closely with his team of top-notch professionals with expertise in several domains of digital marketing, bringing the best ideas to the table with several years of experience. He founded Digital Scholar in 2019, an educational institute that offers top-notch digital marketing training for several enthusiasts
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