Hiring Copy + Content Writer in Chennai! (Content Writing Jobs)

We’re hiring Copy Writer / Content Writer in Chennai to create a complete content marketing and creative copy writing structure. This is a senior role and we are looking for someone who can associate with us for full time role in Chennai. 

Job Description:

• Liaising with team and interpreting their briefs and descriptions.
• Converting ideas into creative concepts.
• Writing clear, persuasive, original copy.
• Proof reading copy to check spelling and grammar.
• Giving a creative edge to every single copy.
• Working on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines.
• In nutshell: Write blogs for clients, job descriptions, design smart tweets, content for ads.

Skills Required:

Excellent English communication skills (Written)
• Previous experience in writing absolutely brilliant ad copies.
• Minimum: 2 years experience required.
• Freshers who think can add value and match the above skills can apply too.

To apply: 

Kindly write a content on the below given topics 


Introductory email about yourself to the team (100 – 150 words)

What is the one thing you would like to change in the country and why? (100 – 150 words)

Send the above paragraph along with your resume to: Sorav@echovme.in, HR@echovme.com.

Subject: Applying For the Role of Copy Writer.

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