Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies For Dentists

Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

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New patient acquisition is critical for dental practises. According to a study, a dentist requires at least 20 new patients per month to achieve business growth and success. The question is, where should dental clinics look for new patients? To help you, we have listed the top 10 digital marketing strategy for dentists!

You, like other dentists, maybe preoccupied with providing dental services and may not have time to experiment with new marketing methods. However, in this day and age of digitalization, all dentist offices must recognize the value of digital marketing strategy for dentists. Your dental business should not be limited by word of mouth; instead, try employing tried-and-true tactics to increase new patients.

You must be informed of the most recent and innovative methods of reaching out to your target audience. Implement these ideas and techniques to give your practice a fighting chance.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

1. Make Use Of GMB

USe GMB - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
USe GMB – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

GMB, or Google My Business, is an opportunity for all businesses to showcase their products/services online. Your GMB listing is essentially a verified source of information about your dental practice—location, hours, images, and so on—that Google weaves into various search experiences.

A thorough GMB listing will help your business be seen by patients actively looking for a dentist. Your GMB is the central aspect of your local SEO. People around you are most likely to come to you for any dentistry related services. According to a Think With Google survey, mobile searches for “… near me” have surged by 200 per cent or more in the last two years.

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2. Be present On All The Business Directories

Business Directories - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Business Directories – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

Business directories are listings of a particular service/product/vertical as a reference for customers. In fact, Google in itself is a dictionary. As a dictionary is essentially a third person, there’s a lot of scopes for your potential patients to reach you through these directories. Like GMB, this also contributes to a large part of your local SEO.

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3. Make Sure You’re Present On Social Media

Social Media - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Social Media – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

Social media today is the marketing hub. The majority of the world is on social media, and they’re doing more than just browsing. Currently, more than 54% of individuals on social media utilize it to investigate things before making a purchase.

Social media does much more than bring your brand visibility. It helps establish a connection between you and your audience. As a dentist, you must ensure that your patients trust you – and social media will help you do that. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to build a community of patients who keep coming back to you. This also establishes an element of social proof, which people value immensely!

4. Show Your Expertise Through Blogging

Blogging - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Blogging – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

The best way to show your expertise in the field is by educating your audience. You can do this in various ways, and the best way is through blogging. Producing well-written, personalized material regularly in blogs, online articles, videos, and dental office newsletters is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for dentists.

Long-form material that teaches or delivers value to your patients will become increasingly crucial in consumer decision-making. To put it another way, if you aren’t regularly creating excellent material and your rival is, you will continue to lose revenue.

5. Advertise Everywhere!

Advertising is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy for dentists.

Using PPC ads is another technique to ensure that your dental office appears at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). PPC advertisements, when used effectively, may help you post lead-generating content and CTAs at the top of search results for competitive keywords, interact with your target audience at the right time and place, and see results far faster than a long-term SEO campaign.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads function similarly. Rather than users looking for keywords, Facebook presents adverts to your intended audience within their newsfeed based on demographic and behavioural data they have shared.

6. Ensure Your Brand Has Positive Reviews Online

Positive Reviews Online - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Positive Reviews Online – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

Your practice’s online reputation can make or kill it. One poor review might suffocate your digital marketing strategy for dentists. Furthermore, internet reviews are an important ranking signal for SEO. Monitoring and managing your internet reviews can help you improve your reputation and identify concerns that need to be addressed.

Additionally, you must also respond to the reviews. If you’re responding to a satisfied customer, address them by name and thank them as soon as possible. You should also respond swiftly to unfavourable criticism, address them by name, and apologize for not achieving their expectations. No matter what – let your patients know that you value them.

7. Make Use Of Email Marketing And Marketing Automation

Email Marketing - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Email Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

An email marketing campaign is more than just sending promos to your current patients. You may create automated campaigns as well. An automated email campaign is a series of emails that are sent automatically in response to the actions of your subscribers or staff members. In fact, 69 per cent of offices believe automation can help eliminate wasted time.

There are numerous methods for making the most of email marketing efforts. When a new patient is scheduled for an appointment, for example, the automated email campaign will send instructions, welcome forms, and so on as an email. After a week, the patient will receive an email asking for reviews, which will connect to your Google reviews. Finally, they will most likely receive a personalized letter asking for a referral from friends and relatives.

8. Have A Personal Website With All Your Details

Personal Website - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Personal Website – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

Having a personal website is one of the most essential components of a digital marketing strategy for dentists.


Do you have a responsive website? To put it another way, is your website mobile-friendly? Nowadays, more people conduct online searches on mobile devices than desktop computers. It is crucial that users can easily access and engage with your website on a mobile phone. Also, call tracking and scoring should be used at all times.

Optimized website

Optimize your website for conversions by using a conversion-driven design. Conversion is the percentage of individuals who visit your website and then take action, such as purchasing, calling or filling out a form. In this scenario, encouraging individuals to set appointments or phone is the conversion you’re looking for.

Easy navigation

Your website should be simple to use; make sure the material is not presented in a disorganized manner. Including real photographs also draws more visitors to the website. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video conveys a specific message to your patients. Consider creating a video as a high-conversion tool.

9. Post Informational Videos on YouTube

Post Videos on YouTube - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Post Videos on YouTube – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

People like watching videos more than reading text. After Google, YouTube is the most popular site for online searches, with an estimated 3 billion queries every month. However, dentistry marketing online entails more than just uploading short, instructive films to YouTube. Take advantage of low-cost live streaming alternatives such as YouTube Mobile Live Streaming, Periscope, and Facebook Live.

Hence, creating videos should be an important part of the digital marketing strategy for dentists.

10. Invest In A Long-Term SEO Strategy

Invest in SEO - Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists
Invest in SEO – Digital Marketing Strategy For Dentists

SEO is an important component of digital marketing strategy for dentists. People like to find and choose their dentists online, ideally in their local region, as we pointed earlier in our list of digital marketing strategy for dentists. And, as previously said, many dentists are getting new patients through local search experiences.

Here are some tips to optimize your website

  • Stay away from “fluff” content.
  • Instead, use your authority in dentistry to inform and educate potential clients about your services.
  • Create information that addresses specific pain points, complaints, and questions raised by dental patients.
  • A solid keyword strategy can provide content ideas and keywords that should be used throughout your site (even locally optimized keywords!).

That concludes our ten! You can always call a digital marketing agency for aid in transitioning to the digital realm. echoVME is a prominent digital marketing agency in Chennai that has assisted hundreds of brands in establishing a digital presence. The echoVME team is dedicated to helping their clients in achieving their digital goals, led by a well-versed leader in the digital world.

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