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Life Inspirations by Kiruba Shankar (Business Blogging Pvt Ltd)

Life Inspirations by Kiruba Shankar (Business Blogging Pvt Ltd)

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Ideas, thoughts, abstracts, apprehensions, are all synonyms and we at echoVME are always full of it. We love what we do and we strive to get better each day. And to top it all off, we get this treat every Friday morning where a distinguished personality visits us to give us awe inspiring gyaan! There is nothing better than someone inspiring us early in the morning and this morning we had author, entrepreneur & podcaster, Mr. Kiruba Shankar inspiring us today.

A Brief Introduction:

Kiruba is a well known name in the social media scenario. He is the CEO of Business Blogging, a leading social media consulting firm. He is also a speaker, a podcaster and an author. He has written 5 books so far and has a few more slated in the coming days. He is also the curator of ‘CEREBRATE’, a one of a kind gathering of ten people from completely different fields for a weekend. They come together and talk about themselves, leaving behind their technological devices with them (including phones and laptops). He is a great podcaster as well. He recently interviewed Sue Knight and shared his experience of the inspiring interview.

Dreams & Goals:

Kiruba hosts a workshop for 3 days where about 15 people gather and stay at a place for 3 days detaching themselves from the outside world. They do not have access to phones, television, laptops or newspapers. People just think about their life goals and desires and make presentations on it. Giving a little insight into these activities, Kiruba began by asking us to pen down the five things that make us happy, five things we are thankful for and five successes we have achieved. So we put our thinking caps on and gained closure in the exercise!

We later moved on to an interesting task wherein we had to express five goals or dreams which we would like to achieve in the future irrespective of any hurdles or limited resources. He asked us to sketch about the future, about how or what we want in the future and on which date do we see ourselves achieving it. This was quite interesting as we were asked to click a picture of the date and mail it to ourselves. This is something we will never forget.

Now, he asked us the question which we should often ask ourselves. What are we doing to achieve our goals and dreams? What are the resources we need to achieve these goals? What are the challenges we are or might face in achieving the same? These were eye opening questions we had to answer.

Daily Discipline:

Kiruba quoted Paulo Coelho’s famous saying, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Don’t you think we should actually start believing in ourselves and work towards our goals? He asked us to pen down the daily disciplines we must follow to achieve our dreams and passions and follow them everyday to achieve the things we really want in life.

A Second Chance to Life:

We have heard people say that our entire life flashes in front of our eyes when we see death. But what about people who beat death and gave a second chance to their lives? Kiruba spoke about two inspiring & famous people who had a close encounter with death and how they turned their life around after the experience. Well we don’t need to have a close to death experience to change our lives. We must reinvent ourselves and give life a second chance. It is never too late to long, dream and achieve anything we want.

Dream, aspire, motivate yourself and work really hard to achieve what you really wish. Nobody but you can stop yourself from getting what you want. Dream on!

We are extremely thankful to Kiruba for taking us one step closer towards our dreams by his inspiring words. Thank you Kiruba for giving us such a motivating start to our Friday 🙂



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