Rangoli “The original Street Chaat” in Chennai – Review

Today’s Review of echoVME at the most Famous mouth watering Rangoli Street chaat. This Chaat shop offers you the Best Calcutta Style Pani Puri,Chur mur Chaat, Papri Chaat, Sandwiches, and Kulfi which gives the cool effect.

Rangoli’s “Street Ambience”

We entered Rangoli and saw the three Tempting stalls located in front of the Rangoli Saree house at Nugambakkam High road.  This chaat house attracts crowds everyday; it has also made the saree store quite popular.

A mouth watering delight

We started with the Spicy Pani puri and Chur mur- Chaat

Pani Puri – Rangoli gives the real Golgappa (Pani Puri) as the size of the puri is really big , for some of them it’s difficult to open their mouth big enough but trust me that’s the real fun of having Pani Puri .The Pani is of two types Meetha and Thika made to Perfection with all spicy Indian masalas , Pani is kept cold comparable to other Pani puri places in Chennai. The Specialty is the Masala puri garnished with dhaniya and lime one piece given with each plate of Pani Puri.

Chur-Mur Chaat – The Chur-mur Chaat as the name describes the mixture of chaat even this can be sweet and spicy It’s the mixture of Potato masala green chutney ,Crushed puri little Meetha/Thika pani Garnished with coriander leaves and lime.

Stall number 2 – the tummy filler

This stall is the tummy filling stall with sandwiches and Papri Chaat.

Stall 3 – Thanda thanda

The Cooling obviously Kulfi (Ice cream) there were two types Plain Kulfi and the Badam Pista Kulfi. Kulfi after the spicy Pani Puri gives Heavenly feeling. A definite must –try!

Off hours of Rangoli

Rangoli is closed from 5-7 pm traffic hours Order from the traffic police at Nugambakkam.

Branches of Rangoli

Rangoli has been from 8 years in Chennai and has got three branches Nugambakkam,Tnagar, Kilpauk. Hope to expand more…


Personally Rangoli is my favourite Place for Pani Puri but the day we went for the review the main Pani Puri Walla bhaiya had shifted to the other branch so the taste was a little different, Rates are quite reasonable. Usually the place is filled with college crowd.

Sorav Jain

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