Training Scenario @echoVME

Training schedules : In echoVME we have each echoVME specialized in their own field taking training session per day. These sessions are held  to share an individual’s knowledge @echoVME with all the echovmians.

In –charge for the week:

Mond –  Vernicia
Wed   – Sorav
Frid    –  Priya  and goes on………

“Best session with each Trainee”

Vernicia: E-mail Etiquettes

The Mojo Jojo…. J D’Creative guru’s best session was on E-mail Etiquette Where she started from the basics of how to send an e-mail Formally /Informally, The starting statement ,How to list the documents, Mention PFA with format ,Closing  Statement. The Whole session was quite entertaining after the session we were assigned a task based on the session (E-mail Etiquette).

Sorav : Posting/Per Month

Best session of the “Thinker in chief” was on Posting/per Month .This session included the strategy of Social media Marketing  – posting , B2C client , B2B client, Sostac Model .This session gets  “The longest session Award “ It was the most Informative session.


Priya’s best session was on linkedin she gave a 2 hours theory and 2 hours practical on how to create a linked in profile ,How to get connected ,The language used .This session was more of practical  based.

Verdict : These Internal Traning sessions  are really helpful for everyone specially the Fresher’s .We get to share  knowledge with others and

“Gain a lot of Gyan for our brighter future.”

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