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Search Engine Optimization SEO Experts Job Roles & Responsibilities

seo experts roles

Interested to know about roles and responsibilities of  SEO experts or SEO Team Lead? Probably you do, because you are reading this article after looking this article title. Hope I am right!

If your website is not listed on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing then you are more likely to be ignored by your potential customer. These days increasing brand awareness and improving sales all depends upon search visibility and hits you receive. If you often wonder “why my website is not performing or not visible”, then probably you need professional help. With search engines becoming increasingly sophisticated, a reliable Search Engine Optimization Expert can do multiple tasks to improve your website’s ranking!

Who is an SEO Expert?                  

An SEO expert has a thorough understanding of online research methods that can be beneficial to clients. They have a sound understanding of the underlying algorithms under which search engines operate. SEO experts also make it a point to stay updated on the latest patches and modifications to the Google algorithm, and adapt their strategies accordingly. Another avenue where SEO experts are proficient in is having a sound understanding of client expectations and deliverables, and is able to ideate efficiently on how to achieve those goals.

An SEO expert also stays ahead of the curve by strategizing based on current online trends. However, many people believe SEO is a one time task wherein optimization is done once and you can focus on other areas of the website. The life of the SEO analyst is one of research, application and innovation. In a nutshell, SEO is an ongoing job which requires concentrated efforts and resources for achieving success. In recent times, SEO has proved to be an avenue that can pay regular dividends over a long period, if optimized correctly. It may not give you instant results like SMM would, but it is a valuable skill nonetheless. So if you lack time or expertise in the field, then hiring a reliable SEO expert can be a wise choice.

Here are Top 25 Roles and Responsibilities of an SEO Expert:

  1. Strategizing and combining on-page SEO and off-page SEO based on client requirements.
  2. Must regularly engage in competitor research and adapt strategies accordingly.
  3. Having a sound knowledge on how to perform SEO for videos (particularly YouTube).
  4. Must have expertise in Google My Business operations.
  5. A good SEO expert knows how to check content for relevancy.
  6. Knows how to seamlessly integrate do-follow links into blog content, and request them accordingly.
  7. Communicating with the client on the best possible SEO strategy to bring the brand on top in a competitive market.
  8. Drafting comprehensive SEO reports based on current KPIs.
  9. Using a working knowledge of SEM to integrate with SEO.
  10. Being up-to-date with the latest SEO news and methods such as Google’s algorithm changes.
  11. Using extensive knowledge of Web2.0 to increase brand presence.
  12. Crafting compelling Quora answers that are relevant to the brand.
  13. Taking decisions on what techniques would work for the client in the long run from an SEO perspective.
  14. Well-versed with technical issues such as 404 Error, Duplicate Content, problems related to XML and HTML sitemap, broken links etc and how to rectify them.
  15. Should develop user and mobile friendly websites to increase Click Through Rates (CTR) and improve search engine rankings. Must know how to optimize content for mobile users as well.
  16. Should have a thorough understanding of how Google Analytics (and other platforms like MOZ) works and how to assess the data it presents from a business perspective.
  17. Must work well with Content Management systems such as Blogger and WordPress.
  18. Should have a functional knowledge of associated coding languages such as HTML and CSS.
  19. Must regularly assess website traffic, engagement and other relevant parameters and be able to draw relevant insights from it.
  20. Regularly ideating and crafting online ad campaigns (specifically Google My Business) to promote brand and products.
  21. Actively building a network of relevant backlinks to further online reach for the brand.
  22. Must have a keen eye for plagiarism and steer clear of black hat SEO.
  23. Ensuring that the client should be protected against any malware or website security issues.
  24. Periodic assessment of website parameters and presentation to the client from a business perspective.
  25. Taking all necessary steps from an SEO standpoint to convert leads into business prospects for the client.

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