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Social media has become a robust platform for businesses and individuals to interact, engage, and promote their products or ideas in today’s digital landscape. However, with an ever-increasing amount of shared content, it has become increasingly difficult for social media managers to stand out and attract their audience’s attention. 

It is where AI tools come into play, revolutionising how social media managers approach content development, scheduling, and engagement methods. 

AI-powered solutions may deliver critical information to social media managers, improve operations, and optimise interaction techniques, ultimately increasing their online presence and impact. This blog will look at some of the best AI tools for social media managers to boost engagement and offer a more personalised experience.

Role Of AI Tools In Enhancing Engagement

1. According to Hubspot’s recent survey on The State of AI in Marketing in 2023, marketers that utilise artificial intelligence most frequently use it to:  

  • 33% for the generation of ideas/inspiration
  • 28% for copywriting and 26% for marketing image creation

2. In 2028, the global market revenue for AI in marketing is expected to be $107 billion.

3. Statista reports that over 80% of marketers globally use artificial intelligence in their online marketing activity.

4. AI is used for data analysis by 53% of marketers surveyed.

Best AI Tools For Social Media Management In 2023

1. Buffer

Grow your audience socially and beyond with Buffer. It is one of the top tools in 2023 that helps to build an audience organically, carve a great niche, and implement intuitive tools and strategies to achieve business goals effectively. 


  • Scheduled posting: Buffer allows you to devise posts earlier, assuring regular content is transported even when human publishing is not viable. It lets you connect to your target audience, resulting in higher interaction.
  •  Optimal posting suggestions: Buffer recommends quality posting instances primarily based on your audience’s online behaviour, which differs from AI. This lets you make more knowledgeable judgments while posting for the most efficient publicity. 
  • Multi-platform engagement: It helps to manipulate several social media structures from a unified dashboard, which helps to streamline your workflow and decorate your online presence across all social media systems.
  •  Integration with AI tools: It may be integrated with different AI tools for influential social media management, content material introduction, hashtag evaluation, competition analysis, and sentiment tracking. This collaboration enables to decorate engagement efforts. 
  • Enhanced insights and promotional strategies: Buffer allows you to ideate and produce collectively more robust content creation techniques, seasonal posts, promotional strategy, and making your social feed more engaged with valuable insights.

Price: A free plan is available for up to three channels, ten posts per channel, and fifty AI credits. 

2. Flick

It takes your content transformation to the next level and amplifies the magic of your content and platform to great heights. It is one of the most straightforward tools, with easy navigation and steps to follow for effective results. 

  • Kickstart your journey by clicking the “Brainstorm Ideas” button, Enter your topic and let Flick’s intuitive algorithm sift through a slew of general ideas.
  •  Add the most promising ideas to your idea library as they develop. Step two is where Flick’s magic comes to life. From your general principles, it generates four separate post ideas. 
  • Each concept includes a catchy title, exciting content suggestions, and concrete tips for successful implementation—think interviews, case studies, and excellent storytelling.
  •  Select and save the ideas that resonate, and request more if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect fit.

Price: There is a 7-day trial period available. The Solo plan is £14 per month (yes, GBP) and includes four social profiles and 30 scheduled monthly posts.

3. Hootsuite

Gone are the days of manual content creation and scheduling. Hootsuite is a renowned tool known for innovating in a landscape that demands precision and creativity. It is one of the biggest social media management names, with the best AI tool incorporated, OwlyWriter. 

  • Enter OwlyWriter, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that extends Hootsuite’s capabilities, guaranteeing that your social media presence is maintained and enhanced to unparalleled heights.
  • Top-notch features & metrics: It is known for employing features that help to generate new posts based on URLs, giving valuable insights on content creation and much more. It includes various copywriting formulas and concepts like AIDA into the content frame or strategies to create results that gain a competitive edge over others. 
  • Enhanced dashboard insights: With Hootsuite’s Analytics Page—an analytical dashboard that translates data into strategy—you can get to the heart of your social media influence.
  •  Create customised reports on anything from broad brand awareness to platform-specific indicators, and revisit them as your journey progresses.
  •  Investigate the numbers that matter, acquire a competitive advantage by comparing yourself to others, and unleash the power of educated decision-making. Hootsuite’s Analytics Page is your compass in a changing digital landscape, directing you to insights that fuel engagement, innovation, and growth.

Price: Free 30-day trial available. Professional plans start at $ 99/month for users.

4. Feedhive

One of the best tools for content recycling and conditional posting. This tool is not simply about social media management but possesses impactful content creation techniques with an AI twist.

  • One of its most notable features is the AI Writing Assistant, which is similar to ChatGPT but has its unique flair. 
  •  To access this creative powerhouse, go to the creation of a new post and then look at the top-right corner of the window. 
  • When you select the AI Assistant option, a world of possibilities opens up. Enter your suggestion, and watch as it provides thorough outputs complete with passionate emojis and properly aligned hashtags. 

Feedhive is known to possess top-notch features, which help in gaining a competitive edge over others, which are as follows: 

  • AI-powered content recycling: Reuse old and published posts for better ideas and formats across several social media channels. 
  • AI-powered performance predictions
  • AI-powered posting tactics, tracking engagement

Price: The Creator package, including AI Writing Assistant, starts at $19 monthly for four social accounts.

5. Predis.ai

It is one of the best tools that helps with generating carousels and video posts. 

  • Predis.ai Benefits: Predis.ai is a versatile tool that handles copy, images, and videos with a four-word prompt, resulting in a comprehensive content solution.
  • Simple Onboarding: Once onboard, you are not beginning from scratch. Predis.ai greets you with pre-generated posts from which to evaluate and select.
  • Post Options: Choose between traditional posts with text and photographs and Instagram carousels to up your game.
  • Carousel Package: The carousel option includes a variety of photos that have been created to work together, as well as a primary copy that you can customise to your needs.

Price: A free plan for 15 AI-generated posts with the Predis watermark is offered.

6. Taplio

It is one of the best social media management tools, which helps establish a strong LinkedIn brand and enables seamless integration with other channels or platforms. 

  • LinkedIn Integration: Taplio connects with the main LinkedIn functionality without any issues. You can create new posts with an exact preview from the dashboard, discover trending industry postings, and start conversations.
  • AI-Driven Content Development: In content development, AI takes the front stage. Taplio allows you to create pieces based on viral frameworks and industry trends and then fine-tune them to suit your particular opinion before posting.
  • Curating Top Posts: Taplio continues to curate a list of top-performing posts, allowing you to remain on top of trends and inject your unique perspective into current dialogues.
  • Increasing Engagement: Commenting on other people’s posts is an effective LinkedIn technique. Taplio makes this process easier by allowing you to establish a list of members with whom you want to interact and then give a filtered feed.

7. Vista Social

One of the best tools that helps connect several social media channels and chat with everyone from any channel. From content creation to data analysis, Vista Social has got you covered. 

  • Smart content creation: Create captivating captions and posts relevant to your audience’s interests. Spend less time brainstorming and more time engaging with your audience. 
  • Data-driven insights: Learn about your target audience’s preferences, track your performance, and fine-tune your methods for optimum impact. With Vista Social, you can turn data into decisions! 
  • Personalised engagement: Engaging your audience has never been more genuine. Vista Social’s AI-powered interaction tools assist you in responding to comments and messages in a personal manner.

Price: A free plan is available for up to 15 posts a month/profile for one user.

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Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed points gave you valuable insights into several AI tools for social media managers aiming to increase engagement. These cutting-edge tools offer social media managers valid data, faster processes, and personalised strategies that increase audience participation. As the digital world evolves, using AI tools is no longer a choice; it is a strategic must for organisations looking to stay ahead in the engagement game.


1. What impact do AI writing assistants have on content engagement?

AI writing assistance improves content quality, resulting in increased audience engagement.

2. What role does predictive analytics play in engagement strategies?

AI-powered predictive analytics informs content decisions for increased engagement.

3. What exactly is predictive analytics in social media management?

Predictive analytics is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data and forecast audience behaviour, hence assisting social media managers.


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