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When making your move in the digital marketing industry, it is vital to choose the strategy: Pay-per-click campaign or search engine Optimization to rank at the top of search engines. Before you dive into conclusions, it is critical to understand the pros and cons of both options and implement them accordingly. 

SEO or search engine optimization refers to optimizing your web pages to rank higher in search engine results. Organic SEO entails ensuring that search engine spiders understand what is on your web pages so that, ideally, they will rank your site higher than your competitors. On the other hand, PPC ensures you leverage search engine traffic, with advertisers paying the fee when someone clicks their ad or bids for keywords.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC? 

BasisSearch engine optimizationPay-per-click campaign
DefinitionSEO is about optimising web pages to rank higher in the search results. PPC revolves around buying visits to the website and paying the dee when someone clicks the ad. 
Traffic potentialIt derives organic traffic to the website to rank your keywords. It derives paid traffic to get more clicks. 
ConversionIn terms of conversion, the latter is ensured to deliver effective results. Highly optimized keywords would help to generate more conversions at a high cost. 
Benefits A cost-effective strategy enhances credibility and trust due to organic traffic improved click-through rate and visibilityHelps to target potential customers helps to improve sales ensures delivery of quick and effective results
DrawbacksTime-consuming going process, compared to PPC Having to pay to get effective results bidding is time-consuming

Did you know? 

As per sources, 62% of B2B marketers stated that organic traffic, implemented by SEO strategy, helped to garner more leads than any other initiative. 

70% of marketers feel SEO is better than PPC for generating more sales and conversions. 

When to use Search engine optimization?

The primary purpose or objective of using SEO will be discussed in the following sections, which are as follows

a) Higher ROI

When you are planning to garner a high return on your investment, it is recommended to choose SEO, as you have to optimize your website and ensure the algorithms are implemented appropriately. 

b) Trust and credibility

It is essential to implement the SEO strategy when you have to garner more trust and reliability from the users; organic traffic derived would ensure users enhance their reliability and would manifold your website’s trustworthiness and navigation experience manifold. 

c) Awareness and visibility

Visibility and exposure being the significant criteria and goals, can be accomplished with SEO and reach the top search engine positions. 

When to use Pay-per-click? 

a) Brand impression

If you plan to increase your digital presence manifold and enhance brand recall among users, you can use PPC. 

b) Effective and quick visibility

Compared to SEO strategy, PPC offers immediate visibility and exposure to users quickly. 

SEO or PPC: which is better for my business? 

  • SEO vs PPC, which works better for my business, is a commonly asked question. However, the answer lies within the business goals, objectives, market growth and strategies
  • Instant click, conversions and lead generation; if required, you can opt for paid search. However, aim to enhance the credibility and trust of the viewers. Organic traffic can help to boost user engagement, ensure satisfactory user results, and rank on search engines. 
  • Organic search results have perceived high credibility and readability, which has helped several brands to enhance their brand authority, making it a great way to generate good SERP results. 
  • SEO will help you in the longer term. It will help you generate good quality links, making the website user-friendly by generating content that resonates with the users. On the other hand, with the help of PPC, anyone can get listed with money. 
  • PPC helps to target the niche audience without any prior guesswork with sufficient budget and strategy. 

How do make SEO and PPC work for you? 

In your opinion, are SEO and PPC foes or friends? Well, if these both are worked together, they help bring practical results and make your business reach heights of success. PPC will help you generate results in minutes, whereas SEO strategies will take time to pay off. 

a) Keywords

You can run several PPC campaigns to target keywords and drive traffic. However, organic results would take time to position the competitive keywords on the top of search results. In a nutshell, targeting the best competitive keywords is vital before embarking on your SEO strategy and wishing you all the luck to drive quality traffic and boost user engagement. 

c) Brand recognition and trust

When your goal is to enhance brand recognition and credibility, use the SEO or PPC strategy that works the best according to your SEO-content strategy, and ensure that your site appears in multiple search results for enhanced brand recall. 

d) Enhanced Adwords quality score

A properly optimised page will bring a great way to your business by improving the Adwords quality score resulting in better ad performance of your site. 

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Wrapping Up 

If you want your business to grow manifold and reach great heights of success, you can opt for both SEO and PPC strategy. These two strategies complement each other and enable business owners to rank and generate more leads. Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that offers top-notch SEO services? Then your wait is over. We are one of Chennai’s leading digital marketing agencies, a one-stop destination for all your business requirements. 


1. Is PPC better than SEO? 

 SEO strategies can help your website rank higher by optimising content resonating with the users. In comparison, PPC is online paid advertising that allows several owners to bid for keywords and rank higher. You can choose the option that suits your business goals and market strategy. 

2. Which is more complex: SEO or PPC? 

SEO learning is an ongoing process, requiring around three months to learn the fundamentals and foundations of SEO practices. However, it requires SEO professionals to adapt to the updates and algorithms. PPC campaigns generate quick, effective results, which can help to generate leads immediately. 

3. Which is the more practical option: SEO or PPC? 

Search engine optimisation is apt for local searches and to enhance the digital presence of the sites. However, PPC enables targeting the niche audience and ranking the content in front of the audience by spending some money. 

4. Who gets paid in a PPC campaign? 

The publisher gets paid by the advertiser every time the ad gets clicked by the users. In a nutshell, it is a process in which marketers are charged when users click their ad. It is a paid advertising model. 


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